Swansea/O’Fallon Community Bands Together to Help Bring Kyra Home


Meet Kyra! She is eight years old, and she was adopted when she was two years old by her owner, Hillary Winskill.

“When I first got her, she was very shy and timid,” Winskill said. “She didn’t really know what to think about coming to live with me.”

For the first year after Winskill adopted Kyra, she didn’t bark; However, she eventually found her voice.

“Over the last 7 years that I have had her, she has just blossomed into this fun, vivacious little dog that is just crazy and fun and barks all the time” Winskill said.

When Kyra is alone with Winskill, she can be very sassy, and full of attitude.

Kyra can be found hanging out at Lucky Dog for daycare or boarding at least once a month while her mom travels for her job.

When Winskill started her current job that required her to travel, she had never boarded Kyra before. She started taking Kyra to Lucky Dog for daycare to help her get acclimated to the environment and work up to being comfortable staying there over night while Winskill was away for business.

“It brought her out of her shell, and it made her so much more of a social dog,” Winskill said.

The first time Winksill tried to board Kyra overnight at Lucky Dog, the reservations were full, so she was boarded at her veterinary office instead.

Winskill was in Kansas City, Missouri for business when she got the call from the veterinary office that Kyra had jumped a fence and was lost.

“Kyra is a climber, and she will climb a fence with no problem,” Winskill said. “She’s fearless.”

Upon receiving the news, Winskill immediately packed up and came home to find her.

“The vet was fantastic with helping me try to find her, and she hadn’t been attending Lucky Dog for very long, but I called them and they were more than willing to help me find her too.” Winskill said.

Many helped put up posters, and Winskill consistently received calls from individuals who had spotted Kyra in certain areas.

“People would spot her but they couldn’t catch her because she was just so scared and would run away,” Winskill said. “She was running through some heavily wooded areas.”

Kyra had been gone for three weeks.

“It had been three days since I had gotten any calls, so I just assumed something happened to Kyra and she just wasn’t coming back,” Winskill said.

That day, Winskill got the call that Kyra was safe and had been found on the back porch of a home nearby.

When Kyra was returned home, she had a broken leg. Winskill took her to the vet and she was put in a cast for 10 weeks.

“The vet’s office covered the entire care for her while she was recovering, from the cast to the x-rays to the medication, they covered all the costs,” Winskill said. “It was very wonderful of them. they didn’t have to do that.”

It has been three years since Kyra went missing, and Winksill said she’s just as vivacious and happy as she was before.

When Winksill is traveling for business, she entrusts Lucky Dog for all Kyra’s care and needs. She loves knowing she can watch Kyra on the webcams to make sure all is well.

“Being able to see that she’s very well taken care of, you cannot put a price tag on the peace of mind it brings me after an incident like that,” Winskill said. “I know that they take such wonderful care of her.”



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