Lucky Dog of the Month: Bunker

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Our first Lucky Dog of the Month is Bunker! 

Bunker is a 13.5 year-old chocolate lab who has been attending Lucky Dog (formerly Camp Bow Wow) for 5 years. Bunker is a frequent overnight guest, but occasionally attends daycare as well. He is spunky for an older guy and has always given the counselors a run for their money.

He has always known how to open gates and cabin doors, so if we ever forget to close them completely, he would let us know rather quickly and escape. He’s a pro at bulldozing the cabin doors open and escaping for a jaunt down the aisles when we try to retrieve his empty food bowl; However, Bunker does know some obedience! All we have to do is firmly ask him to stay before we open the doors to his cabin. If he is asked to stay after the door has already been open, all bets are off because his heart is already set on exploring all that is outside of his cabin.

A couple years ago, Bunker had to have his left eye removed for medical reasons – but don’t think that has slowed him down at all! He still loves to run and push his way through to get to what he wants.

Bunker has an iron stomach and has been known to eat a few questionable items. Sometimes he comes to visit with warnings from his mom that something strange (socks, plastic baggies, etc.) might be making its way out one end or the other. He is also the first to remind us when we don’t put the proper water bucket in his cabin, because he loves to flip his bowl and turn his nap space into a swimming pool.

Within the last year, we’ve seen Bunker’s body force him to slow down a bit. His joints are getting stiff, and he’s growing some lumps and bumps, but Bunker’s mind hasn’t caught up yet. Sometimes his brain (or his nose) want to go faster than his body can, but like the happy-go-lucky guy he is, Bunker hops right back up and keeps on trekking. Bunker’s family has helped him stay healthy and active throughout the years, and he’s as spunky as ever.

A special shout out goes to Bunker’s little brother Divot, a 9 year-old Cockapoo, who is our secondary Lucky Dog of the Month. Divot doesn’t visit us quite as often as Bunker does, since it’s easier to take this little guy that behaves along on family trips, but we enjoy it when he does. Divot compliments Bunker well with a calmer, easier-going attitude…..except when it comes time to go home. Divot squeals in excitement when he sees the leash come out. Bunker, in turn, likes to grab the leashes in his mouth and take off for the door, because he knows exactly where he’s going.

These boys have been a joy to have around and they are Lucky Dogs, indeed!

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