Local Fitness Instructor and Her Dog Share a Love for Lucky Dog

Meet Bacio! Photo by: Tammy Barra

Bacio is 6 1/2 years old, and he has been coming to Lucky Dog Barks & Recreation for the past five years.

His owner, Tammy Barra can be found teaching bootcamp classes on friday mornings right next door at Bangin’ Body Bootcamp while Bacio is at day care.

Barra and Bacio are quite familiar with Lucky Dog since Barra’s son is a former employee there.

Bacio quickly became acclimated with the staff and routines, and he first started helping out by taking used mops to the laundry room to be washed. He then earned his spot as an interview dog for potential new dogs to meet and interact with before they were accepted into day care and boarding.

“We love it, especially because my son worked there and he knows how they treat the animals,” Barra said.

Though Barra’s son is now in school and no longer works at Lucky Dog, Bacio still attends frequently.

“On friday mornings, we have a ritual,” Barra said. “I teach a class right next door, and Bacio knows it’s friday, and he knows he gets to go to camp those days, and he just can’t wait to get there.”

Barra knows Bacio is in good hands every time he visits.

“We love the fact that the dogs can run, and we love that we can get online and see what he’s doing when we’re away on a trip,” Barra said.

People (and dogs) like Barra and Bacio are what make being apart of the Lucky Dog community so much fun.

“When it comes to your dogs, they mean everything,” Barra said. “My dog loves this place just as much as I do.”

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